Story: Lion And The Rabbit

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Once upon a time, there was a lion who was proud and evil. He says he is the king of jungle. Every day, he mercilessly went hunting and killed many animals for his food. Immediately, all the animals were worried. They had a meeting and decided that if the lion continued to do this, then no animal would survive.

They then approached the lion and made an offer. Every day, they would send an animal to the lion’s den. This way, the rest of the animals for the day will be at peace, and the lion won’t have to go hunting. The lion liked the plan.

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So starting the next day, the lion waited in his den while the others sent an animal to eat. This happened for several days. Finally, it was the turn of the very old but wise rabbit. He was forced to be today’s meal for the lion. The hare took the longer route and made sure he got to the lion’s den very late.

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The angry hungry lion roars at the rabbit and asks why he is late. The rabbit then told him that he was late because another, stronger lion was chasing him. He informed that the stronger lion claimed to be the king of the jungle.

When the lion heard this, he was furious. He asked the rabbit to show him where the other lion was. The hare brought the lion to the well. He pointed inside and told the lion that another lion was inside.

When the lion looked inside, he saw his own reflection but thought it was another lion. He roared in anger, and his shadow did the same. Full of anger, the lion jumped into the well to fight with the other lions but ended up falling to his death due to his stupidity.

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