English Story: The Day You Disappear Forever – (Part 2)

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“Emi didn’t come either, maybe she’s sick. I’ll visit her at her house later” Nana reassured her that Emi was just sick so she wouldn’t think that she wasn’t – no.

After the doorbell rang. Nana immediately went to visit Emi’s house. When she arrived, she knocked on her door.

“Knock…knock…excuse me!” Nana shouted while knocking on the door

But no one answered.

She kept repeating the word, but still, no one was there. Nana looked around the house and everything was closed. Nana thought maybe Emi and her family were away. Before long, she saw her homeroom teacher who also stopped at Emi’s house. Out of curiosity, Nana asked her homeroom teacher.

“Hello ma’am, good afternoon. What’s the need for you to come here?” Nana asked her guardian. The homeroom teacher was surprised to see Nana and answered her.

“Ah Nana, mom wants to send today’s lesson notes,” he said as he put the notes in front of the door. Nana is getting confused.

“Why don’t you just give it to the person when it arrives?” Nana said in confusion.

“Ah.. Actually… Oh yes, I have some business, I need to go first,” said the guardian, stammering, as if there was something he was hiding.

“What’s the matter, ma’am? Did something bad happen to Emi? Please tell me!” Nana said who was starting to realize that something had been hidden all this time.

“Umm… Alright… But not here, let’s go somewhere else first” asked the guardian. Nana also followed her guardian to find a place where they could talk.

On the other hand, Emi opened the curtains and saw that Nana had left. Then she went downstairs and picked up the note he had left behind.

“I’m sorry Nana…” Emi whispered in her heart.

After walking for a long time, they finally sat down on a park bench.

“Okay, I’ll explain what’s going on. Actually, Emi didn’t go to school because she was involved in a family problem, Emi was actually at home earlier” Said her guardian

“Hah!? Why didn’t he answer me!? What’s the matter with the family?” Nana asked back, but she suddenly remembered something

“The conditions in my house are very different from what you think…”

“No, I never took any lessons, even if I wanted to, my parents would never listen. I’m just learning by myself.”

Nana recalled Emi’s words that were said earlier. Now, Nana is starting to understand about the situation. Maybe Emi’s family wasn’t as happy as she imagined.

“Emi’s father was arrested for child abuse, but that’s not Emi. Because of that, Emi was shocked and didn’t go to school. In order to avoid the mass media while waiting for a legal decision, his father moved to Emi’s house. Her father also had a house with his mother and a child who was victimized. If you want more details, you can just read the news.” His guardian said.

“Oh, I see… Alright ma’am, thanks for the information. Let me go first” said Nana.

“Okay son, see you later,” said her guardian, waving his hand. Nana replied.

On the way home, Nana felt very sad and confused at the same time. She felt sad because why Emi didn’t tell him and about that case was also running through Nana’s head.

“Who is that child in question?” Nana said in her heart.

However, Nana finally decided not to think about it

On the other hand, in her room, Emi read the information regarding her father’s case. During this time Emi barely remembered her father’s face, because she was told to stay at her grandparents’ house so she rarely saw her father. He was suspicious of the child who became that person. His suspicions were compounded by the father and grandparents talking about the child and telling them to keep it a secret so Emi wouldn’t know. But Emi knew it because she was eavesdropping on her bedroom door.

“Do I have a secret sister? And why did you do that? Does he hold a grudge against the child? Or is the nature of the father bad?” Emi asked in her heart while reading an article featuring that case. His mind was filled with many questions.

The chronology of events is that the girl was locked up in his room and beaten. Indeed, the victim was rarely at home because he knew the treatment of his father who often tortured him. The victim always left very early and came home very late to avoid his father. But, one day, he came home early so he met his father at home. Then the culprit (his father) went to a building to commit another crime. His father had committed crimes many times, but he always escaped. But this time he didn’t, it turned out that he was trapped by several groups working with the police. In one of the groups, there was a man suspected of being his girlfriend who knew the victim had been locked up. Then his girlfriend went to save the victim. The victim is currently being questioned by the police.

When he read the article, he saw a photo of the victim and the person who save him. The victim was a 2nd-grade junior high school student who went to the same school as Emi. Her hair is long brown with a braid at the side and tied with a purple ribbon. His eyes were purple like the sky at night. Her name is Rika. And the one who saved him was the victim’s classmate. Emi was surprised.

“So she’s the victim. Looking back, he looks a little like me. Only the hair color is different. Is she really my sister?” asked Emi again.

Emi kept looking for more information because there were still so many unanswered questions. Because the information is not enough. So Emi decided to look for something in her father’s room.

Emi went to her father’s room, while no one was at home. Her father was away because there was a trial and his grandparents accompanied him.

There she searched for information about the person, and she found something.

“Hmm?” She found a Family Card. She thought it was only her family’s card. But there was a document dropped and it was also a Family Card.

She turned back tilting her head. Out of curiosity she took and checked the family card and she was surprised.

“W…What!? That person… is on this family card? Here it says her parents are the same as mine?” Emi said in her heart.

She was about to leave but something fell. She turned back again. A photocopy of the Family Card. She thought it was just a photocopy of her family’s card but because of what happened earlier, she checked it again. And as expected, the contents of her Family Card were different from what Emi had seen earlier.

“Now what… more Family Card?” Emi said in confusion. Out of curiosity, she read the family card but this time she was surprised again.

“Oh my… Daddy isn’t here!? Listed is someone else’s man. But your name is written here… Have you ever married another man? Then… Then Rika is… Looks like my guess was right” Emi said in her heart.

When she found the document, she also found a photo album. In the album, as usual, there is a photo of her with her parents. She decided to see it because he missed her childhood. But when turning a few pages. She found a photo of Rika when she was little with her father and mother. There was no expression on his face. His eyes were as blank as a sky without stars as if he didn’t like everything.

“Oh my… This further strengthens my conjecture. I know the reason why she has such an expression… I’m sorry my father…” Emi regretted in her heart to that person because she knew her father must have frightened her.

“That’s why dad moved me to my grandparents’ house. So that I never know this sister of mine…” Emi added.

Suddenly he heard the sound of a car in front of the house, she knew her father and grandparents had arrived. He quickly cleaned up everything and went to his room. Emi had already taken a photo of the family card and the photo in the album as a hint.

In the room, Emi looked at the photos of the family card that she could take, and some photos of the person with her parents. She still doesn’t understand why her mother separated from the previous man and married her father. And why did her family hide that person from him? She read the article more carefully and he found something. In the article, it was written that after the investigation team investigated the perpetrator, it turned out that the perpetrators of this violent case were the same as the perpetrators of the murder of a man 13 years ago. The perpetrator admitted that the person he killed was her sister.

“What!? If you look closely, the man’s surname is the same as Rika’s surname. Could it be… This is the reason why my mother married my father. And it turns out that my father did it himself…” Emi said

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Emi looked up at the sky for a while. Then he decided something.

“Okay, I already know what’s going on now. If father finds out that I already know, he must be very angry… I have to see him so I know all the details of the events that happened to end like this…” Emi said in her heart that made up her mind to meet that person secretly.

A few days later, Emi had prepared enough information and evidence to carry out her plan and to convince her sister that she was his sister but a different father. With his intelligence, she also created a program to track the whereabouts of her sister. While making the program, she thought about whether she would go to school or not tomorrow.

“Actually I want to continue the search for my sister. But as I know, this search is very risky especially if it gets caught by my father. I also want to know exactly what happened so that mother left the previous man and married father. Maybe I have to go to school to meet Nana. If I end up tragically, then it’ll be the last meeting…” She said in a small voice.

On the other hand, at Nana’s house. She is also looking for that information.

“Too bad, even though that child is so beautiful… I didn’t expect Emi’s father to be that bad. Good thing the kid has a good girlfriend. Has Emi been okay all this time?” Nana said with pity. “I wish I could meet Emi tomorrow…”

The next day, Nana went to school and she saw Emi as usual already sitting in class. Her expression wasn’t what it used to be. She is very serious about making a calculation on her paper. Nana greeted her.

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