Do You Know? Unique Longhorn Cowfish

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The fish commonly found in coral reefs are very unique. It has horns and can sniff! What else is unique?

  • Longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) belongs to the boxfish family. This fish has two pairs of long horns on the head and under the tail.
  • This fish lives in coral reefs and seagrass beds in tropical seas. They can be found in South Africa, and Madagascar, to the Red Sea, as well as the Maldives, India, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • The colors of these fish are mostly yellow, green, and orange. There are about 25 types of long-horned cowfish. The largest type has a body length of 46 cm.
  • Longhorn cowfish including shy fish. Sometimes its horns are broken by hitting rocks while it is hiding. Or, when it was curious, then stuck its head out to see what was going on. However, these horns can grow back in a few months.
  • The favorite food of this fish is algae, worms, mollusks, small shrimp, small fish, and various microorganisms.
  • The scales of this fish are hexagon-shaped and like a plate that fuses into a solid carapace. This carapace makes it a slow swimmer. Although it is slow, it can float in the water like a helicopter. This fish can spin in place.
  • Due to its slow swimming, this fish is very easy to catch by hand. And when caught, it will make a snorting sound.
  • The eyes of this fish are blue. Its eyes can reflect beautiful colors. If you look closely, its eyes are like galaxies.
  • Longhorn bovine fish do not have gills like other fish. The gills are only small holes without a cover. It is with these gills that they breathe.
  • Because of its beautiful color and unique shape, this fish is kept by many people in saltwater aquariums. However, don’t be surprised! When this fish is hungry, it likes to spit. Crut! Crut!
  • If this fish feels stressed, it will remove toxins from its body. This poison is very dangerous because it can kill predators and animals around it.

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