A bear roams the forest in search of fruit, finds a fallen tree in which there is a nest where bees store honey. The bear began to sniff

The morning was so broken with the feeling of the Dog in planting his heart on the butterflies that were dancing in the garden while the Dog was

On the bank of the river there is a crocodile who is starving. It has been three days. The crocodile has not eaten his stomach. He can’t help

Once upon a time, there was a small river flowing between two hills. On the river, there is a small and narrow bridge. If there are two people

Once upon a time in the forest, the sun shone brightly. The ant colonies decided to stay home. They wanted to relax while enjoying their food supply. Suddenly,

One day there was a red ant walking down the river. Because the ant was not careful, he slipped into the river where the current was fast. He

The little giraffe has a strange habit of eating. He will cut into small pieces the leaves that he will eat. After the leaves enter the mouth, the

Ian is a boy who loves adventure with his grandfather. One day his grandfather took Ian camping in the mountains Ian had never been to before. Once there,

Bivi the little beaver is sitting alone by the river. He hopes there are adult beavers who pay attention. “Busy, busy! All big beavers, busy! ” he said

One morning, Bolang’s mother stretched and jumped to sit at the window near the sunshine. “Today starts spring,” he said to Bolang the kitten, “I’ll take you to