English Story: “Stuck” at Grandma’s House

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My name is Jordan. I’m a member of a band that is quite popular in my city. We have performed from one school to another. This Christmas, my band’s children want to go on vacation to Hong Kong.

I didn’t participate, the problem was that my parents asked me to occasionally take a vacation at my grandmother’s house, it was rare, he said. Want to get back, instead of fighting just taking care of vacation.

“Ah dear yes, they went to Hong Kong and I’m stuck here,” I thought to myself. I’ve only been here two days, but I’m already tired of it. Inside my grandmother’s house there is no mall or theme park entertainment location. At best a park or restaurant on the side of the road. How can I not be bored, try? For a big city kid like me, everything is too tedious.

“Mom, they’re having fun going to Hong Kong Disneyland. Here’s a look at some of their photos. They even buy souvenirs that are not here,” I said expressing my sadness seeing my friends on vacation in Hong Kong.

“Yes, Jor, it’s good that they have fun there, compared to being far away from Hong Kong, they are not happy.”
“But mom, they say it’s not fun without me. There’s nothing here, mom.”
“Yes Jor, this is just complaining. It’s okay in grandma’s house, this time on vacation. We rarely visit grandma.”
“Yes, it’s dech, mom.”

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because there are no pictures, we use random pictures*

Because there are no images, we use random images*
After returning home from Christmas Eve evening mass, I chose to go around town alone. I borrowed my nephew’s motorbike and started my journey. Since the watch on my wrist was showing 7 and my stomach was starting to make some noises, I also stopped to eat at the seafood stall that caught my attention.

After eating I walked in uncertain directions. Until I came to a market that sells various snacks. I bought confectionery and consumed it while I was on my way back. While waiting for my order of crepe to be made, I took a look at the market situation. It’s a pretty busy market. The small street is lined with cheap and unique snack stands, along with the night before the Christmas holidays.

At that time I heard the sound of singing and guitar. I looked at the ice cream stand which was not far from my crepe stand and I saw a girl singing and singing a song that is often sung in my church.

“How happy it is to live in harmony and peace, in brotherhood like fragrant oil …” the song he sings. I was amazed to hear his familiar voice and his skill at playing the guitar.
I approached him and lightly tapped his shoulder.

“Excuse me brother, can I get acquainted with you?” I said holding out my hand.
“Eh, oh, yes sis, you can,” he said while welcoming my outstretched hand.
“My name is Jordan, what’s your name?”
“My name is Ningsih, sis.”

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“I am interested to hear your voice and good guitar playing. Where did you learn from?”
“Thank you, Sis, I learned to play the guitar from a friend who was singing together. If you sing, it’s just experience.”
“I’m also interested in hearing the song you just sang. Has anyone taught you?”
“Oh, I often stop in front of the Catholic church on Jalan Blimbing. When mass is over, I often sing there. I’m not a Catholic myself, sis. I often listen to their songs until I know a lot of church songs. Brother is a Catholic?”

“Yes, after hearing your song I wanted to join you singing. You should be able to get into some getho talent shows. Is it okay if I join you singing today?”
“I’m okay, sis, but aren’t you ashamed to be a busker like me?”
“It’s okay, I’m in a band, so this can be an experience for me.”

In the end, as far as the night was left, Ningsih and I were also singing around the night market. I hold the guitar, Ningsih sings. It’s true what he says. He mastered several church songs. We really enjoyed our trip. At 10 I took Ningsih home. It turns out that he lives only with his sick mother under the bridge and neighbors with several people who have the same fate as him. I hope that night he feels happy and blessed.

“Merry Christmas Ningsih. May the Lord Jesus bless you.”
“Thank you sis.”

I also came home with a cold heart. As far as the journey until before going to sleep, I repeated the memory while smiling, remembering my spontaneity following singing. Turns out this place isn’t that bad. I can feel the Lord’s coming through a busker. I think God wanted to make me realize that He could be anyone to give because for anyone.

I fell asleep with a happy heart. When I woke up the next day, my friends were already busy in the LINE group. I don’t understand what is being discussed.

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I opened our band’s legal account on IG, and watched the latest posts from fans who tagged our group. At that time I just understood why my friends were busy on LINE. The post highlighted my time together the other night with Ningsih. We were seen singing together while smiling along with the caption “Ciee… cieee… Sis Jordan is singing along… It’s perfect, sis….”

A smile appeared on my face when I really read back on LINE what my friends had discussed. Turns out they commented on my treatment.

“It’s crazy, guys, look at the post that tagged us. Jor, you surprised us!!”
“I didn’t expect Jordan, who was so ignorant, to suddenly do something good out of nowhere. Good job, Jordan.”
“I regret not going with Jordan to his grandmother’s house.”

I guess not vacationing in Hong Kong is good either. Instead of spending money to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and all the tourist attractions, it’s better to be close to family. This vacation really impressed me. Get a new close friend of a busker.

This Christmas event, which is commemorated every December 25, certainly has various meanings that are impressed for children and for us to explore so that we can apply them in life. The most important thing is togetherness, simplicity, and love with some of the people we love and around us, especially in celebrating the birthday of the Lord Jesus. Merry Christmas!

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