Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7: Greeting, Leave Taking, Thanking, and Apologizing

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1. Greeting

Greeting is something friendly or polite that you say or do when you meet or welcome someone. Greet people upon a first introduction by saying “Nice to meet you” or “It’s good to see you”. In a more formal setting such as a bussiness meeting, mention the other person’s name in your greeting. When greeting someone, offer to shake hands. If you are welcoming people into your home, greet them at the front door and use the expression “Welcome to our home” as you stand aside to invite them in. You can also use “So glad you could come” if you recognize and are close to your guest.

Let’s study about other expression of greeting below!

General greetings

– Hello!– What’s up?
– How are you?– Good to see you.
– How is everything?– How are things (with you)?

Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time

– It has been a long time.– How come I never see you?
– It has been too long.– It has been such a long time.
– What have you been up to all these years– Long time no see.

Time period to greet someone:
– Good morning : 00.01 a.m.-11.59 a.m.
– Good afternoon : 12.00 p.m.-05.59 p.m.
– Good evening : 06.00 p.m.-11.59 p.m.
– Good night : Night time-will sleep

To ask about someone condition:

– How do you do?– How do you do?
– How is everything?– Everything is good.
– How are you?– I’m not very good.

2. Leave Taking

Leave-taking is an act of saying goodbye to someone.

Pay attention to some expressions below!

– I think I should be going/getting on my way now.– I should get going, too.
– I’ve really go to go/run now.– I’ll call you.
– I’d better go now.– I’ll see you later.
– Goodbye.– Goodbye.

Let’s study about other leave-taking expressions below!

– Good night.– Bye.
– Nice to see you.– See you later
– Goodbye.– See you tomorrow.

3. Thanking

When you want to thank other people, you can use the expression of showing gratitude. It is an expression we show or say to express grateful feeling to other people. Please say “thank you” when people give you something and give you compliment, etc. In other words, gratitude is used to sasy “thanks” to someone.
In general, people thank someone:
– For gift (an expression of thanks, a compliment on the gift, a question related to the gift)
– For favours (doing something for another person that the does has no obligation to do)
– For an offer of help
– For a compliment and a wish of success
– When being asked about their health
– For an invitation
– When leaving a party or social gathering
– For services, such as to a waiter in a store

Look at the expression and the responses below!

– Thank you.– That’s all right.
– You are so kind. Thank you.– My pleasure.
– Thank you very much.– You are welcome.
– I want to thank you for …– No problem.

4. Apologizing

Apology is an expression used to apologize or say sorry for something to someone.

Here are some expressions of apology:

– I am sorry.– It’s all right.
– Excuse me, …– That’s all right.
– I do apologize– Don’t worry about it.
– Forgive me for …. (V-ing)– Not to worry.
– I’d like to apologize for …. (V-ing)– It doesn’t matter.
– I’m sorry I ….– That’s OK.
– I don’t mean to make things difficult for you.– I quite understand.

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That some about greeting, leave taking, thanking, and apologizing. I hope this post can help.

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