English Story: The Day You Disappear Forever – (Part 3)

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“Hello Emi, you’re finally in school. I was worried you know! At least answer my message!” Nana said in a high tone.

“Uwouhhh!!!? Uh… hi. Uh, you can send a message huh? Sorry, I don’t know” Emi said surprised.

“Oh my gosh, you!” Nana could only frown because of her friend’s behavior.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I will treat you to something later” Emi said

“Hah… alright,” Nana said with a sigh.

But Nana was also grateful that Emi was still fine.

During the break, just like Emi said this morning. She treats Nana. After buying food, they sat down.

“Hey Emi, I heard about your father’s case, right? What will your father do?” Nana asked.

“Well… he’s on trial. I didn’t expect her to be like that… It was his fault, so I don’t really care…” Emi said

“Ohh, okay” Nana replied back. She knew for sure that Emi was very surprised and angry with her father, that’s why she said that.

“And I want to find the victim… So I’ll leave tomorrow. Just say there’s an event. And this… might be our last meeting… or maybe not” Emi said with a small smile on her face. Nana became confused.

“Eh… wha..”

“Never mind forget it. By the way, have you decided where you’re going?” Emi said interrupting Nana’s question. Emi had expected that Nana would ask that.

“Hmm, if I want to continue from this elementary school,” replied Nana.

“Ohhh… I thought so too” Emi said. “Let’s go to class, the bell is ringing.” Add Emi

“Okay,” replied Nana.

The bell for home rang and as usual, the students at the school went home.

“Hey, wanna play somewhere? Or want to eat something?” Emi asked Nana.

“Hey, Emi! Are you like this?” Nana asked because she was very curious.

“Hurry up! As long as I’m good” Emi replied.

“Oh my gosh… you’re never really good huh!? All right, come on!” Nana said while patting her forehead. Indeed he seems to have friends who are unpredictable in nature.

“Alright, let’s go,” Emi said cheerfully.

Finally, they play somewhere. They played happily and ate together. When it was night. They went home.

“See you later, Nana. Never forget me” Emi shouted while waving her hand.

“Okay, see you later. Without you telling me, I will never forget you you know!” Nana said with a sullen tone. Of course, Nana felt strange about her friend’s character.

“Who knows, you are a senile person” Emi teased.

“Gosh I thought you were a good kid, it turns out that your soul is a bully huh!” Nana said as she clenched her fists like she wanted to hit the child.

“Ha ha ha!! Sorry sorry, let me go first” Emi replied while avoiding Nana’s punch by running.

“That kid… Because she’s acting like this, my feelings are mixed… I don’t know what will happen tomorrow…” Nana said in her heart as she took a deep breath.

The next day, as usual, Nana went to school. She was worried about Emi who was looking for that person because who knew Emi could be in danger.

On the other hand. Emi already knew all the information about that person. Starting from his appearance, his school, and his home address and he is close to everyone. Yesterday, after coming home from playing with Nana, Emi put her tracking device on the person’s seat while the person was out to buy food. The goal is that when sitting, the tracker can stick to it. Emi found out that the person was in action so she came home late at night and the chances for the tracker to stick were high.

“I will find my sister!” Emi said in her heart with a ready heart.

She went out of the house secretly through the window so that no one would know. While looking at the location of his sister through her cellphone. She kept running and running until she came to a small road and finally she found her sister.

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“Finally!” Emi said happily in her heart.

Emi also increased her running speed to catch up with her sister. Emi decided not to call her sister in advance and she was still far from her sister and that person would definitely not hear her. Emi noticed that someone was following her.

“Damn! Looks like I’ve been caught looking for my sister. Like it or not, I have to call her.” Emi panicked in her heart.

Emi ran as fast as she could to catch up with her sister, but the person behind her kept chasing her. After a while, Emi arrived at the train track. Because the distance was close to her sister, she shouted.

“Sister!!! Sister!!!” Emi shouted. But his voice didn’t seem to be heard because the person thought he wasn’t the one being called. Hearing Emi’s scream, the person who was chasing her increased her running speed even more.

“Lalalala…lalalala…” Nana hums as she walks. While Emi was behind her, someone chased her and turned a corner while Nana walked straight. Suddenly hearing a familiar voice took her by surprise but when she looked back she saw nothing.

“Sister!!! Sister!!!” Emi kept on shouting that, and she knew the person who was chasing her behind was running faster and the train would pass so the road would be closed and Rika had already crossed the train tracks. Emi panicked even more because she might never see her sister again. She kept shouting the word even louder. And by that time the road was closed. Emi had a plan to jump over the bar but unfortunately the person behind it had already caught Emi. Emi was also very panicked.

“Le.. let me go!!” Emi shouted at the person, but the person paid no heed.

Emi was sure that maybe she would never see her sister again. Just looking at it he was already grateful and finally he shouted the word once again with the loudest voice.

“Sister!!!” Emi shouted one last time. But by that time the train had passed, it was likely that Natsumi had not heard that. But apparently not, she heard the last word.

“Hmm…?” Rika looked back after the train passed. But there’s no one. “Was it just my hallucination?” Rika asked in her heart and Natsumi continued on her way.

At school, Nana had a bad feeling that Emi was not okay. Moreover, he seemed to have heard Emi’s voice screaming behind her. He also became worried and began to not focus on her studies.

Emi, who was at home was then locked up in her room. It turned out that the person who brought her was her father who knew that Emi was looking for her sister.

“Damn it! Even though it was almost…” Emi said while shedding a few tears.

A few hours later, his father came to her room and immediately scolded her and abused Emi.

“You outrageous child! Why are you looking for her huh! She’s the one who got dad caught up in this case! You’d better die!!” shouted his father in an angry tone. Emi could only cry while in pain because of her father’s treatment.

Several hours passed, Emi couldn’t help but cry loudly, she couldn’t fight her father because of her weak physique. In the end, her father strangled Emi to death. During his last moments, he found a gun on the floor. In a state of urgency, he took the gun and aimed it at her father’s head.

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