English Story: The Arrogant Siamese Cat (Sinna)

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Once upon a time, there lived a Siamese cat named Sinna.

When Sinna was a child, her mother said that her ancestors were born and lived in the palace of the King of Siam.

At that time, Sinna asked her mother, “What if someone doesn’t believe it, Mom?”

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His mother also said that only cats that have blue eyes, brown dots on the tail and legs, and smooth fur are the original Siamese cat breeds.

“Just tell them to look into your blue eyes, the dark brown dots on your tail and feet, and your soft tan fur. Those are the characteristics of the original Siamese cat. The offspring of a noble cat who resides in the palace of the King of Siam.” That’s how Sinna’s mother explained.

Now Sinna is an adult. She still believes that he is a noble cat. And that makes him a proud cat. He felt himself greater than the fat cat who lived next door. Or the orange cat that lives across the street.

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Whenever she walked out the gate of her house, Sinna never rebuked her neighbors’ cats. He felt that the cats were just country cats. Not as good as him who is a cat descendant from the palace of the King of Siam.

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The other cats, neighbors of Sinna, started to get annoyed at Sinna’s attitude.

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