Do You Know? Weaver Bird, Good at Making Nests

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This bird is known to be good at making nests. Shhh…the shape of the nest is unique. The uniqueness of the nest is imitated by humans to make photo spots everywhere. Let’s get to know the weaver bird more closely!

  • The weaver bird (Ploceus manyar) likes to live in forests, swamps, and meadows.
  • The beak is brown to black in color. The head and chest are yellowish. While the back is black.
  • Weaver birds are good at making unique nests from grass. There is also a huge weaver nest. In fact, they can weigh up to 1 ton!
  • The male weaver nest is different from the female weaver nest. The male weaver’s nest has a genuine part. While the nest of the female weaver is more closed.
  • Weaver nests have trapdoors for predators. Usually, the predator will be trapped because the door is a dead end.
  • While making a nest, weaver birds will work hard. They continue to work to weave the grass that soon becomes a nest. In fact, in a day they only rest for 1 hour.
  • Weaver birds like to live in groups. One group consists of 300 pairs of birds! Well, when building a nest, they help each other.
  • Weaver’s favorite foods are seeds and small insects.
  • If cared for properly and the food is nutritious enough, weaver birds can sing very sweetly.

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