“Benarkah?” Makoto-san bertanya. “Tentu saja! Masa tidak?” “Bisa saja kan” “Hmmph!!” Baca juga: Story: Orang Yang Berharga (Anna & Makoto POV) (Part 3) Hari itu pun berakhir dengan

“I’m dead..” I said while crying “Hey, Anna-san!” “Yes, why?” “If you met the missing person, how would you feel?” “I still don’t know. Seems to be a

In this world, every 2 years a star falls. Every last day of the year, the star will fall. Usually people will pray to the star, his wish

“Tess” From the tears I shed, came a very bright light. The light surrounds my body and provides warmth in the cold misty forest. “Could I ever see

“Eh!” I was surprised because suddenly a hand touched me “Mmm, where is this?” she asked, she assumed she still didn’t know she was here. I also explained

“Hah… hah… hah…” she was out of breath“How long have I been walking, yet I can’t find my way out of this forest,” she thoughtThe girl’s steps began