English Story: Have a Good Prejudice

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Prejudice is one of the titles of children’s bedtime stories that teach about the importance of having good thoughts towards someone. This fairy tale is classified as an Islamic bedtime story for children because it contains many religious messages in it. Come on, let’s see the story!

Once upon a time, there was a student named Abdullah who desperately wanted a teacher to guide him to the right path and become closer to Allah SWT. However, he had difficulty finding the figure of the teacher even with extraordinary efforts.

Abdullah continued to look for the teacher until one day there was a man who said that Abdullah would never find the right teacher except Fulan bin Fulan who lived in a far and remote city.

With pleasure, Abdullah decided to go to the remote town. After a long journey, he asked the local people about Fulan bin Fulan, the best teacher who ever existed.

But strangely, every time Abdullah asked about Fulan bin Fulan, the entire town took him to a man with a bad temper and full of immorality. Despite his doubts, Abdullah decided to knock on Fulan’s door.

“Who is there?” asked the landlord.

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“Abdullah,” he replied.

Inadvertently, Fulan bin Fulan was also waiting for the arrival of someone with the same name, namely Abdullah. Fulan bin Fulan who had promised Abdullah for a liquor party, of course, immediately opened the door.

Abdullah entered the house, looked at the owner’s face, and sat down crying. He found the meeting very touching. Because of his heavy tears, Abdullah did not see the liquor on the table.

“Hey, what’s this? What happened to you?” confused homeowners.

“Are you Fulan bin Fulan? Do you want to be my teacher? Please be my teacher and teach me to have more faith in Allah SWT.” Abdullah replied.

The owner of the house was confused and only spoke carelessly to expel Abdullah as soon as possible.

“Okay, now go down the valley behind this house. When you find water in the valley, perform ablution in the name of Allah and worship there until Allah (SWT) sends help to you!”

Abdullah quickly took the teacher’s orders and carried them out in earnest. As the teacher said earlier, Allah SWT finally sent help. It was then that he realized that the person he had thought of as a teacher was none other than a person who was often immoral and had a bad temper.

Over time, Abdullah began to be known by the public. His piety and obedience at that time continued to be a topic of conversation among him. Over time, people began to be interested in studying Abdullah.

One day, Abdullah became seriously ill so he advised his students.

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“When I die, you all learn from someone else. I know someone named Fulan. Teach all of you to him. Because he is classified as a person who likes to sin, please pray to Allah SWT so that his disobedience is removed before I die. In fact I would never be a teacher if it weren’t for him.”

Because of the sincerity of all Abdullah’s students, Allah SWT also answered their prayers. The man who was considered a teacher by Abdullah then decided to repent and become a teacher for Abdullah’s students.

Those are Islamic bedtime stories for children full of moral messages to teach their little ones. One of them is the importance of being prejudiced even in people who look bad in appearance.

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