English Story: Dandelia the Glass Haired Princess

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The citizens of the Fistulina Kingdom are happy. The empress gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The king gave her the name Dandelia because her face was as beautiful as a dandelion flower.

Princess Dandelia grew up to be a smart princess. What’s special, her black hair is shiny like glass. Everyone who saw it must have been amazed.

“Really a glass-haired princess,” they commented.

Life goes on beautifully. Until one day, disaster strikes. The great fire destroyed the Fistulina Kingdom.

The citizens of Fistulina fled to the Kingdom of Alnicola, their neighbour. Because they were in a hurry, they didn’t have time to bring any valuables, other than clothes attached to their bodies.

At first, King Alnicola welcomed him with open arms. He knew that the Fistulina Kingdom was in trouble. So, he should have helped. But, over time, King Alnicola had to come clean with King Fistulina.

“Sorry, King Fistulina. I can’t do much. My kingdom needs money. We cannot afford to continue to bear the lives of the Fistulina people.”

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“We should be the ones apologizing for burdening the Alnicola Kingdom. We need a lot of money to rebuild the empire…”

“May I make a suggestion?” asked King Alnicola.

“Of course!” replied King Fistulina.

“Yesterday the Royal Empress Merulius came. He was very mesmerized by the beauty of Princess Dandelia’s glass hair. In fact, he is willing to pay a high price as long as he can have such beautiful hair. What if…”

“Oh, yes! I know! Let me reconcile with my daughter.”

King Fistulina explained his predicament to his only daughter.

Of course Princess Dandelia screamed. “No, Father! I don’t want to sell it!”

“My son, only your glass hair can save us!”

“Not! Anyway, I don’t want to!”

Ah! King Fistulina got an idea. He conferred with his empress. The two of them devised a plan.

That night Princess Dandelia was fast asleep. He didn’t notice when someone sneaked into his room. Princess Dandelia just woke up when a hand touched her shoulder.

“Nooo! Don’t touch my glass hair!”

Apparently, King Fistulina wanted to cut Princess Dandelia’s glass hair while sleeping. Unfortunately, the plan failed.

Princess Dandelia started to worry. Secretly, he fled from the palace. Princess Dandelia walked on and on. Along the way, people saluted. From her shiny hair, people immediately recognized her as Princess Dandelia.

“Big Brother’s hair is great!” A small child stood in front of him. Princess Dandelia smiled.

Suddenly the boy ran. Not long after, he returned with his friends. The children surrounded Princess Dandelia while admiring her hair. Princess Dandelia was stunned. They are so skinny. Their faces were pale and their clothes were torn here and there. Looks like they’re starving.

A child ventured to touch Princess Dandelia’s hair. Unknowingly Princess Dandelia’s tears fell. His heart was touched to see their suffering.

“Poor …” muttered Princess Dandelia. “With my glass hair, I can do something for them!”

Princess Dandelia quickly stood up, then ran, ran, and kept running.

“Father… Dad… I’m sorry! I dedicate this hair to the people of Fistulina.” Princess Dandelia handed her a lock of glass hair. He had cut his glass hair very short, like a boy.

“Oh, my daughter! You really have a heart of gold!”

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King Fistulina immediately sold the glass hair to Empress Merulius. Empress Merulius paid for it with a bag of gold coins.

The next day, Princess Dandelia ran to her father. “Father! Father! Look! My long hair is back! This morning, when I woke up, my hair was as long as it used to be!”

“Oh, it must be thanks to your sincerity, Dandelia.”

That is, every time Princess Dandelia cuts her hair, in the morning the glass hair grows as long as before. King Fistulina sold Princess Dandelia’s glass hair to neighboring kingdoms. Some use them as wigs and as decorations for royal crowns.

King Fistulina managed to rebuild his kingdom. Thanks to Princess Dandelia’s glass hair, the people of Fistulina are no longer poor. They love Princess Dandelia even more. Turns out, it’s not just her hair that’s shiny. Princess Dandelia’s heart was clear and sparkling like glass.

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