Hello everyone! In this article, I make the song chord of ‘Heroine’ by Back Number. This song was released on January 21, 2015. I think this song tells

There lived an old man who had four children. He wants his children not to be human beings who are too quick to judge something. For that, he

This 3 Christmas tree story teaches us and our children not to look at us as small and insignificant, and to always spread kindness, love and joy to

Today is Christmas Eve. Jane and some of her friends were joining in the churchyard. They review Christmas customs in their respective families. “Every Christmas Eve, my family

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, here are some professions that exist when you grow up. Vlogger Making videos and showing them, has

There was a dog who loved to eat eggs. The dog often goes into the chicken coop and greedily swallows the eggs whole. One day, the dog was

A bear roams the forest in search of fruit, finds a fallen tree in which there is a nest where bees store honey. The bear began to sniff

There are some plants that can live in snowy areas. They don’t freeze, instead, they can grow well and flower. Let’s take a look at the 3 winter

Hello everyone! In this article, I make the song chord of ‘Aion no Uta (Song of Sorrow/Lagu Duka)’ by Emma Verde. The song is written by Ryota Saito and composed

Nowadays, there are many hoaxes circulating on social media. So, in order not to become victims of hoaxes, we must reject them. How to? What is Hoax Hoax