English Story: Precious Person (Part 4)

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Turns out he was a bad teacher. But Makoto-san immediately slapped him without a second thought. And report it to the principal. And the first day the teacher taught he was immediately fired wkwk.

So for the principal’s apology, we were invited to a school from one school to go on vacation to an inn with a hot spring bath. One school is very happy. So the principal told us to get ready when we got home. Tomorrow go straight.

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The next day, he arrived at the inn from morning to evening and was filled with cleaning until he couldn’t go for a walk. So in the afternoon we took a bath in the hot spring. The men try to peek. And friends throw them in a jiffy. I smile.

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Poke hehe Anna-san is smiling~”
said Makoto who poked my cheek with a hand.
“After all, they’re hilarious,” I replied.

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