English Story: Precious Person (Part 2)

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When I heard those words I was shocked and wondered whether he was dead or missing. That question keeps on in my mind.

When I got home I changed clothes, ate, showered and lay on the bed.

“Ahh..My head is so dizzy! But is he dead or missing huh? Ah! Never mind! I just want to sleep!”

The next morning I put on my school clothes and went to school because I was in a hurry. On the way I met Makoto-san.

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“Eh, Anna-san! Wait! It’s Sunday why are you even going to school!”

I stopped and was petrified when I heard that. Then Makoto-san took me to the park to buy a drink and asked me to talk.

“Since when has it been Sunday. I feel like the last time I went to school was Monday.” I said.

“Eh Anna-san, have you forgotten? You didn’t go to school for 6 days. You didn’t even say you were okay”

“HAHH!?” I said screaming.

“Anna-san, don’t be-“

“Is that true?! I don’t know at all! Then what did the teacher give me absent?!”

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