English Story: The Arrogant Stork

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A stork walks with graceful strides along a small river, its eyes stare into the clear river water, its long neck and beak ready to catch its prey in the water for its breakfast. At that time, the river was filled with swimming fish, but the Stork felt a little haughty that morning.

“I don’t want to eat small fish,” he said to himself. “Small fish don’t deserve to be eaten by a graceful crane like me.”

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Now, a fish that was slightly bigger than the other fish, passed nearby.

“No,” said the Stork. “I wouldn’t bother myself to open my beak and eat such a big fish!”

When the sun began to rise, the fish that were in the shallow water near the edge of the river, finally moved to the middle of the river which was deeper and colder. The stork, who saw no more fish, had to be content with eating a small snail on the river bank.

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