Do You Know? Azalea Flower, When It Blooms Celebrated

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Because of their beauty, azaleas are made into special gardens and celebrated when they bloom. Come on, let’s recognize these beautiful, colorful flowers!

  • Azaleas are shrubs of the genus Rhododendron. The flowers vary, there are red, yellow, white, and purple. Very beautiful!
  • The original habitat of azaleas is on high and humid mountain slopes. Even so, azaleas can only live in acidic and dry soil. This flower also likes shady places.
  • Azaleas can also be used as ornamental plants. This plant can be planted in the yard or in a pot.
  • Azaleas usually bloom simultaneously in May and June, or around early summer. After blooming, the azaleas will last for 2-3 weeks.
  • Azaleas can absorb carbon dioxide, so you will feel cool when you are near them.
  • Because it is very beautiful, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and America regularly hold azalea flower festivals or celebrations every spring.
  • There are two kinds of azalea plants, namely the evergreen azalea, which has evergreen leaves, and the azalea, whose leaves fall in autumn.
  • Evergreen azaleas are found in East Asia, while deciduous azaleas are found in North America.
  • Despite their beautiful appearance, azaleas are very poisonous. The leaves and nectar extract contain chemicals called andromedotoxins. In fact, bees that suck this nectar will produce poisonous honey.

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