English Story: The Origin of the City of Banyuwangi

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Once upon a time, the eastern tip of Java Island, whose nature was so beautiful, was led by a king named Prabu Sulahkromo. In running it he was assisted by a brave, wise, handsome Patih named Patih Sidopekso. Patih Sidopekso’s wife, Sri Tanjung, has a beautiful appearance, smooth manners and makes the King crazy about you.

In order to achieve the king’s desire to persuade and seduce Sri Tanjung, his human sense emerged by ordering Patih Sidopekso to carry out tasks that were impossible to achieve by ordinary people. So firmly and boldly, without suspicion, the Patih set out to carry out the orders of the King.

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After the death of the Patih Sidopekso, Prabu Sulahkromo’s indecent attitude by seducing and slandering Sri Tanjung with all the tricks he did. But the love of the King did not come true and Sri Tanjung remained firm in her stance, as a wife who always prayed for her husband. Anger and heat burned the King’s heart when his love was rejected by Sri Tanjung.

When Patih Sidopekso returned from his mission, he went straight to the King. The king’s rotten mind appeared, slandering Patih Sidopekso by saying that after the death of the Patih when carrying out the king’s order to leave the palace, Sri Tanjung came and seduced and acted against the King.

Without thinking, Patih Sidopekso immediately met Sri Tanjung full of anger and unfounded accusations.

Sri Tanjung’s innocent and honest confession made Patih Sidopekso’s heart hotter with anger and even the Patih angrily threatened to kill his loyal wife. Sri Tanjung was dragged to the bank of a murky and slum river.

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However, before Patih Sidopekso killed Sri Tanjung, there was a last request from Sri Tanjung to her husband, as proof of his honesty, purity and loyalty he was willing to be killed and that his body be thrown into the murky river, if his blood made the river water smell bad then he had done something wrong. but if the river water smells good then he is innocent.

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Patih Sidopekso was no longer able to contain himself, immediately stabbed his dagger into Sri Tanjung’s chest. Blood splashed from Sri Tanjung’s body and died instantly. Sri Tanjung’s body was immediately thrown into the murky river and the river gradually became clear like glass and spread a fragrant, fragrant smell. Patih Sidopekso staggered, fell and he became dazed, without realizing it, he screamed “Banyu….. … smells good…………… . Banyu smells … ..” Banyuwangi was born from proof of the wife’s love for her husband.

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