Once upon a time there was a crow. It was a hot day, and the crows were very thirsty. He kept flying here and there, looking for water.

Once upon a time, there was a lion who was proud and evil. He says he is the king of jungle. Every day, he mercilessly went hunting and

“Benarkah?” Makoto-san bertanya. “Tentu saja! Masa tidak?” “Bisa saja kan” “Hmmph!!” Baca juga: Story: Orang Yang Berharga (Anna & Makoto POV) (Part 3) Hari itu pun berakhir dengan

“I’m dead..” I said while crying “Hey, Anna-san!” “Yes, why?” “If you met the missing person, how would you feel?” “I still don’t know. Seems to be a

In this world, every 2 years a star falls. Every last day of the year, the star will fall. Usually people will pray to the star, his wish

So far, Frog lives in his house alone. He didn’t even leave the house. His days are only used to take care of the house. One day, Frog

There lived an old man who had four children. He wants his children not to be human beings who are too quick to judge something. For that, he

This 3 Christmas tree story teaches us and our children not to look at us as small and insignificant, and to always spread kindness, love and joy to

Today is Christmas Eve. Jane and some of her friends were joining in the churchyard. They review Christmas customs in their respective families. “Every Christmas Eve, my family

There was a dog who loved to eat eggs. The dog often goes into the chicken coop and greedily swallows the eggs whole. One day, the dog was