Do You Know? Pumpkin, Often for Halloween Decorations

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Besides being able to be transformed into a horse-drawn carriage in Cinderella’s story, pumpkins are also often used as decorations during Halloween celebrations. Let’s find out the secret of this pumpkin!

  • This pumpkin is often called a yellow pumpkin. Pumpkin belongs to the pumpkin tribe or Cucurbitaceae.
  • Pumpkin is a creeper. The length of the stem is about 5-10 meters. The stems are slightly hairy, very strong, and highly branched.
  • The leaves of this plant are broad, pinnate, pointed at the ends, hairy, and dark green. If exposed to sunlight, the leaves will look withered.
  • The flowers of this plant are bell-shaped and yellow. When the plant is 1.5 years old, the stamens appear for the first time, followed by the pistil.
  • Pollination of pumpkin plants occurs with the help of wind and insects.
  • The pumpkin is round. The flesh of the fruit is yellow-orange. The fruit is ready to be harvested after 3-4 months. It weighs about 5-20 kg.
  • Pumpkins are usually used as decorations for Halloween celebrations.
  • Pumpkin seeds in the center of the fruit are flat. The seeds are often used as a kuaci.
  • Pumpkin fruit is usually used as food such as cakes or porridge. It tastes fluffy and delicious.
  • Pumpkin flesh contains beta-carotene is quite high. Beta-carotene will become vitamin A when digested by the body. Pumpkin also contains iron which is beneficial in the formation of blood.

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