English Story: Precious Person

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In this world, every 2 years a star falls. Every last day of the year, the star will fall. Usually people will pray to the star, his wish will be granted.

My name is Itsukawa Anna. Class 1 Sasayori High School. An orphan without protection. I’m just an ordinary person whose job is to wake up, take a shower, eat and sleep. Nothing has ever changed my life so far.

I live alone in the house I rented for 50,000. There are prices, there are forms. At home the air is scary.

The next day I went to school. There is a new student named Kitsune Makoto. “My name is Kitsune Makoto. Nice to meet you!”. “Alright kids, the lesson is about to begin!”

During recess, Makoto-san who is a new student in class also came to me.

“Hello, may I know your name?”

“Very well, My name is Itsukawa Anna. Nice to meet you”

“My name you must have heard earlier. Btw why are you so lethargic”

“That is a secret”

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Kringg. The school bell rang. The subject after this is Mathematics which I like the most (the author hates).

At 2 o’clock school ended I went home like riding a bicycle alone.

“Hmm, Anna-san can I ride with you?” Makoto-san asked.

“Sure.” I answered.

While on the way Makoto-san asked something:
“Why you once, Like saying “whatever” so”

“Because nothing matters to me.” my answer

“Until people named “family” too?”


“Then I want to be an precious person to you!”

“Actually I already have the person I love the most. But 5 years ago, my precious person she died…”

“Dead or missing?”

To be continued…

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