English Story: Ants and Cocoons

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An ant crawls nimbly in the sun. Climbing trees, and tracing branches with agility. He was looking for food when suddenly he saw a cocoon hanging from a leaf.

The cocoon seemed to start to move a little, a sign that what was inside was about to come out. The movements of the cocoons attracted the attention of the ants, which for the first time saw a cocoon that could move.

He approached and said, “Oh, how poor you are,” said the ant with a tone between pity and contempt.

“You are very unfortunate, while I can run here and there as I please, and if I want me to be able to climb even the tallest tree, you are trapped in your skin, only able to move your body a little.”

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The cocoon heard everything the ants said, but he didn’t answer. A few days later, when the ant returned to the cocoon, he was surprised to see that the cocoon was empty, only the shell was left.

Just as he was wondering what had happened to the contents of the cocoon, he suddenly felt a gust of wind and the fluttering of a beautiful butterfly’s wings behind him.

“O ants, take a good look at me now” the beautiful butterfly greeted the ants who were stunned to see it.

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“I am the creature you pitied a few days ago! At that time I was still in the cocoon. Now you can boast that you can run fast and climb high. But maybe I won’t care, because I’ll be flying high and not hearing what you have to say.”

Saying this, the butterfly flew high into the air, caught a gust of wind, and in an instant disappeared from the ant’s sight.

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