Simple Future Tense

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Simple future tense adalah tense yang digunakan untuk menyatakan bahwa suatu aksi terjadi di masa depan, secara spontan, atau terencana. Tense ini juga dapat digunakan untuk membentuk conditional sentence type 1.


Positive (Verbal):

  • S + will + bare infinitive
  • S + am/is/are + going to + bare infinitive

Positive (Nominal): S + will + be + Adj/noun/adverb
Negative (Verbal):

  • S + will + not + bare infinitive
  • S + am/is/are + not + going to + bare infinitive

Negative (Nominal): S + will + not + be + Adj/noun/adverb
Interrogative (Verbal):

  • Will + S + bare infinitive?
  • Am/is/are + S + going to + bare infinitive?

Interrogative (Nominal): Will + S + be + Adj/noun/adverb?

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  • Bare infinitive adalah bentuk dasar V1 (tanpa to maupun s/es) seperti walk, buy, bring, go, think, dan sebagainya.
  • Will not –> won’t


  • We will work harder next year.
  • I won’t eat this weird-looking soup.
  • Which place do you think will present the best scenery?

Penggunaan Simple Future Tense

Digunakan untuk membuat keputusan secara spontan untuk melakukan sesuatu atau tanpa rencana (will).

  • You look tired. I’ll buy you a glass of water.
  • Wait a minute. I will take some food.
  • Please wait, she will post the article immediately.

Untuk memprediksi masa depan (tanpa rencana).

  • The rain will come tonight.
  • I think she will be fine soon.
  • They will be in Bali tomorrow.

Untuk menyatakan rencana di masa depan yang sudah dipikirkan sebelumnya (going + to).

  • I am going to go to the city hall tomorrow.
  • She is going to buy some daily needs.
  • We are going to spend our holiday in France next month.

Untuk membentuk conditional sentence type 1.

  • If I have a lot of money, I will buy a new house.
  • If you work hard, you will achieve your goal in the future.
  • If he comes to her birthday, she will be very happy.

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