Do You Know? Dynamite Tree, Its Fruit Can Explode!

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Not only thorny and poisonous, but the fruit of the dynamite tree will also explode when it is ripe. Wow…that’s terrible!

  • The dynamite tree (Hura crepitans) is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family.
  • This dynamite tree thrives in the tropics, especially in parts of North and South America. This tree can also be found in Asia.
  • This tree can grow up to 60 meters high. Uniquely, this dynamite tree trunk is overgrown with sharp thorns.
  • In addition to the thorny trunk, the dynamite tree also has sap. The sap of this tree is poisonous.
  • Oh yes, dynamite trees explode not to protect themselves, but to reproduce.
  • The shape of the fruit of the dynamite tree is like a pumpkin. Its diameter is about 5-8 cm.
  • When this fruit ripens, it explodes like dynamite. The exploding speed of the fruit seeds when it explodes reaches 257 km per hour.
  • When it explodes, the seeds inside this fruit will be ejected. The flat seeds will scatter and fall to the ground. The seeds will later grow into a new dynamite tree. Unique yes!

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