Do You Know? Hermit Crab, Sea Animals that Like to Change Houses

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You are certainly no stranger to hermit crabs. Yup, these marine animals like to change houses. Why is that yes?

  • Hermit crabs are close to crabs. It likes to live in a shell, even when born without a shell.
  • Because the hermit crab’s body is soft, it needs a house or shell to protect it.
  • If the shell is not enough to protect the body, the hermit crab must move to a larger shell
  • The shells that hermit crabs usually use are snail shells that are no longer used. However, there are also those who use bottles, plastic cups, or sea anemones.
  • Hermit crabs like to eat fallen fruit, wood fibers, grass, and food debris carried by ocean waves.
  • Oh yes, even though they both carry shells, snails and hermit crabs are different. Snails are soft animals that walk with a single stomach and shell (gastropods). While the hermit crab does not walk on its stomach and does not have a single shell.
  • The hermit crab’s body is not symmetrical and usually has 10 hairy legs that serve different functions.
  • The forelegs are used for pinching and grabbing food. The second and third pair of legs for walking. The fourth pair of legs to get in and out of the shell. And the fifth pair of legs to clean its body.
  • Hermit crabs live on land and in water. Water hermit crabs usually live in seawater. Land hermit crabs must stick to the water to reproduce (breed).

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