English Story: The Day You Disappear Forever – (Part 4/Last Part)

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“Y… you… you really are damn… father! You… you… already..  made me..af…raid!” Emi stammered while firing a bullet from the gun.

Because of the shot, his father fell and he survived. Neighbors who heard the gunshots immediately called the police. But even so, she was already badly injured and bleeding profusely. She immediately picked up the fallen paper and pen and wrote a letter.

“I..sorry Na..na …..” She said after writing the letter. Those were the last words he could say. And Emi’s life couldn’t be saved.

An hour later, the police arrived and investigated the place. Her father was named a suspect. Her father’s life was saved but not Emi’s. They also found the letter Emi left behind. They were taken to the hospital. News of the violent case immediately spread everywhere.

On Nana’s side, when she got home, Nana’s mother met Nana.

“Mother, Nana is home!” Nana shouted as she opened the door.

“Ah, Nana you’re home, quickly eat and change your clothes. I want to say something,” said the mother.

“Okay ma’am” Nana answered briefly. She wondered what her mother wanted to say.

After eating and changing clothes. Nana also approached her mother. She wondered what her mother would say.

“What do mom want to say?” Nana said curiously.

“It’s actually like this… Emi…” Her mother said with a sad face

“Emi? Emmy why!? Did something happen to her!?” Nana said panic

“Emi… is gone…” continued her mother.

“W…what… Impossible right? Is Mom just kidding right? Is not it?” Nana said who couldn’t believe the water started to tear up while convincing herself that her mother was just joking.

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“No kid… I’m not kidding. There was news just now,” said her mother while showing the article on her cellphone that contained the information. Nana reads it seriously. Tears started running down her cheeks.

“No… it can’t be right…? Sob.. sob..” Nana said while crying because she couldn’t believe her best friend would leave her first.

“The patient…” said her mother while calming her child. “Oh yes, I was called by the police earlier that you were told to go to the hospital,” continued her mother.

“Okay mom, I’ll go” Nana said while wiping her tears.

Nana and her mother went to the hospital. After reaching there, she finds the victim from the previous case, Natsumi is there with his friends. She was crying while looking at Emi.

“Sob…sob… Why? Why did my parents hide her from me? Why!? I should have noticed when she called out to her…” Rika said while crying in front of Emi’s body. His friends calmed her down.

Nana who saw her body trembled. She didn’t dare to enter the room and look at Emi. She chose to look outside. Then, a policeman came to Nana.

“Excuse me, is your name Nana?” The policeman said.

“Yes, I’m Nana. What do you need?” Answer Nana.

“Before the victim died, she left a letter. And this is written for you and there are also some happy words that show you. Please read it,” said the policeman as he handed over the letter.

Emi also read it, the letter was stained with blood and tears. The writing is also messy which tells that it was written at the last moment.

“My dear friend, Emi. Actually I am very happy to meet and be friends with you. When I meet you and play with you, I can feel various feelings other than fear. Yes, all this time I was afraid because of my father’s character. If you look at the victim of yesterday’s case, he is my older brother who is different from his father, Natsumi. I can be very smart because I’m always locked up in my room to avoid my father’s behavior which sometimes comes with the excuse of me studying. Yes, I’ve always learned to find excuses so that I can be smart like this. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t hold on any longer and prefer to tell you through this letter. I will always be beside you. So don’t forget me okay? – Emi”

Reading that made Nana’s tears well up and she remembered yesterday’s words.

“And I want to find that person… So I’ll leave tomorrow. Just say there’s an event. And this… might be our last meeting… or it might not.”

“Emi… I should have told you not to do that… I’m still not ready to lose you…” Nana said while crying and feeling sorry for herself. He still remembers the small smile that was thrown at her at that time.

The next day, the cheerful Nana turned into a gloomy one. His friends were amazed at her. Nana still couldn’t accept Emi’s departure. She always went once a week to Emi’s grave to pray.

A few days later, when Nana was already a grade 1 middle school student, Nana came to Emi’s grave as usual and put flowers there. And she said something.

“Emi, I’m already a middle school student you know,” she said while proudly showing her new uniform.

“Thank you for being my best friend, sorry I can’t give anything. If one day we are reborn in this world, I will definitely look for you wherever it is” along with her last words, Nana has made up her mind. She had to accept it all and go back to living her life like everything else otherwise Emi above would surely be sad to see her. All that he did for the sake of her only best friend

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