Do You Know? Darth Vader Flowers

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Because the petals are similar to Darth Vader, one of the characters in the Star Wars films, this flower is widely discussed. What are the unique facts about this flower?

  • This flower named Latin Aristolochia salvadorensis is an endemic plant from El Salvador, Central America.
  • This flowering plant grows in moist soils, in lowland tropical forests with warm weather.
  • This plant can live in all seasons. However, the flowers only bloom for a week.
  • The petals are reddish brown with white streaks and two white holes. The two holes are like masks.
  • In its native place, this flower is known as guaco, guaquito, and guaquito de la tierra.
  • This plant is a woody vine. In fact, the flowers of this plant propagate just above the ground.
  • Because of the unique shape of the petals, this flower is categorized as a zygomorphic flower. Zygomorphic means a flower that has only one symmetry.
  • The scent of this flower stings like flesh. This scent is used to attract insects to enter the inside of the flower.
  • Inside the flower, insects will be trapped by fine hairs. After a few days, these feathers will wither, and the pollen will stick to the insect’s body. That way, when flying, insects also help pollinate these flowers.
  • In its place of origin, Aristolochia salvadorensis is often used as a medicine for cholera and infection.

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