Do You Know? Dutchman’s Pipes, Unique Vines

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This plant is called the dutchman’s pipe. Called the Dutchman’s pipe because its shape resembles a Dutch cigar. What is the uniqueness of the dutchman pipe plant?

  • Dutchman’s pipe is a flowering plant that is found in the Americas. The Latin name of this plant is Aristolochia macrophylla.
  • Dutchman’s pipe grows fast. Its height can reach 9 meters. So high, the stems can grow vines on walls, fences, and poles. Therefore, the dutchman pipe is often used as an ornamental plant.
  • The flower shape of this plant is like a tube. It is about 10 cm long. The color is spots of light green, purple, pink, and brown.
  • Usually, the flowers of this plant bloom from May – June. After that, it will wither.
  • The smell of flowers is unpleasant and is very liked by insects. Insects will approach this flower to lay eggs and pollinate it.
  • Pollinating flies love the dutchman’s pipe flower. These flies suck nectar on flowers and carry pollen to help pollinate.
  • The leaves of this plant are rough. The shape is like a heart and the color is dark green. The size is about 15 cm. The form of the fruit is like a cucumber.
  • The pipevine swallowtail caterpillar and butterfly love the dutchman pipe leaf. When swallowing dutchman’s pipe leaves, caterpillars and butterflies are shunned by predators. That’s because dutchman pipe leaves contain high acids.
  • This plant can filter air pollution and is rarely attacked by pests.
  • Dutchman’s pipe is often used as an ornamental plant because it is easy to grow and propagate, that is, only by seeds.

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