“We are nothing and never be something” The second hand on the pure white-colored wall clock ticked little by little. In seconds, it was already midnight. The cold

“Tess” From the tears I shed, came a very bright light. The light surrounds my body and provides warmth in the cold misty forest. “Could I ever see

After everything I’ve been through in my life, isn’t there somebody that can be my sunshine and share his happiness with me, even if it is just a

Hello everyone! In this article, I make the song of ‘Yozora (Night Sky/Langit Malam)’ by Duca. I think this is her original song? (Because Duca always sung visual

“Are you feeling better today?” asked Fan. He knew his wife had tuberculosis, and it was not easy to cure, but he took care of her gently and

Once upon a time, a carpenter felt old and intended to retire from his profession as a carpenter where he had lived for decades. He wants to enjoy

Have you ever tasted honey? Sweet and thick, yes! Did you know about other honey facts? Come on, let’s see! Honey Comes from Flower Nectar Nectar is a

majalahinggris.com – Surely you have often seen the news about floods and landslides in several areas in Indonesia during the rainy season. Not infrequently we also see in the news

majalahinggris.com – A lunar eclipse can occur when part or all of the moon’s cross-section is covered by Earth’s shadow. It can happen when the sun, moon, and earth lie

majalahinggris.com – A solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs every 25 years. An eclipse is a natural event caused by the shadow formed by the earth or moon

Hello everyone! In this article, I make the song chord of ‘Happiness (Kebahagiaan)’ by Duca. This song is used as an ending theme of visual novel entitled ‘Purely

Do you want to raise rabbits? There are many kinds of cute and cute animals. Before keeping it, first choose the type of rabbit that you like the