English Story: Precious Person (Part 3

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“I’m dead..” I said while crying

“Hey, Anna-san!”

“Yes, why?”

“If you met the missing person, how would you feel?”

“I still don’t know. Seems to be a little happy”

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“That is true…”

“Mmm. Why?”

“There is not anything”

Makoto Kitsune POV

Makoto Kitsune Precious Person

Actually I’m just the spirit of someone who died from 200 years ago because the star was corrupted. I fought alone against it with Sairen-san, and died two days later.

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I can be like a human because of my determination and strong heart. Even if we die in hell there is something hidden we can take. When I picked it up suddenly I came back to life.

Anna POV
The next day, as usual, I went to school. And the bell rings, the lesson begins. Somehow the new Master looked terrible.

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