Do You Know? Barracuda Fish, Shiny Eaters

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Barracuda fish is a large marine fish. This fish has big and sharp teeth. It looks fierce and scary.

One of the Fastest Creatures in the Sea

There are 26 different types of barracuda. Some of them are named after where they were found. Such as Mexican barracuda fish, Japanese barracuda, and European barracuda.

Barracuda is a fan-finned marine fish. Although including marine fish, some types of them can live in brackish water.

Barracuda fish live in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It can also be found in the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

Barracuda fish’s body is shaped like a torpedo, long and slender. It is able to swim at speeds of up to 56 km / h! Wow! No wonder, he is called one of the fastest creatures in the sea.

Weighing Over 23 Kilograms

Most barracudas have a dark upper body. The sides of the body are silver and there is a straight line from head to tail. The small type of barracuda is 50 cm in size, while the great barracuda can reach 1.5 meters. It can weigh more than 23 kilograms!

The age of a large barracuda can reach 14 years. During the spawning season, between April – October, a large female barracuda can produce 5000 – 30000 eggs. Large barracudas live alone, while small barracudas live in groups.

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Likes Sparkling Fish

Barracudas have pointed teeth. The mouth is large and the jaw is long. Barracudas are carnivores that hunt prey based on their eyesight.

Barracuda likes to eat shiny fish. Shiny fish are small fish that look shiny when exposed to light. Therefore, people who swim in the sea are prohibited from wearing shiny objects, so they are not mistaken for food by barracudas. In addition to small fish, barracudas also like to eat shrimp and shellfish.

Not All can be Eaten

Barracuda is always active at night. It doesn’t have many enemies. The only enemies are sharks, orca whales, and humans.

Yes, humans often hunt small barracudas to make fillets or steaks. Small barracuda is safe and good to eat. While large barracuda should not be eaten because it contains poison.

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