Do You Know? Indian Blanket Flowers, Which Butterflies Love

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Some call it the Indian blanket flower, fire wheel flower, and gaillardia flower. When blooming, this flower is very attractive in color. No wonder it liked the butterflies!

  • The Latin name of this flower is Gaillardia pulchella. This Indian blanket flower is still in the same family as sunflowers. They belong to the daisy family.
  • This flower comes from Mexico and America.
  • When this flower blooms, it is reddish-orange in color with bright yellow edges. The color of this flower is very attractive to butterflies, bees, and several other insects.
  • This flower is named the Indian blanket flower because its color resembles the traditional blanket color of the Native Americans in the southwest.
  • Americans often also call this flower by the name of the wheel of fire. Because this flower looks like a spinning wheel.
  • This flower includes wildflowers, which are easy to grow anywhere.
  • This plant can be propagated by seeds and can be planted in pots or in the yard.
  • In the wild or in the meadow, this flowering plant can grow up to 90 cm.
  • In America, these flower seeds can be processed into butter.
  • There are several legends about this flower, one of which is: There was an Indian wife waiting for her husband to go to war. While waiting for her husband to come home, she wove red and yellow blankets. When her husband came home, he found his child sleeping in a garden full of flowers. The child seemed to be covered in flowers, which were the same color as the blanket his wife had woven. Since then, this flower was named the Indian blanket flower.

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