Do You Know? Golden Lion Tamarin, Little Monkey from Brazil

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Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) is a small monkey. There are many types. One of them is the golden lion tamarin. Come on, let’s recognize this animal!

  • The hair on the head and neck of this monkey is very thick and golden like a lion. Therefore, it is called the golden lion tamarin.
  • The golden lion tamarin lives in the forests of South America, especially in Brazil. In fact, the tamarin is endemic to Brazil, because it only lives wild in the forests and captivity in Brazil.
  • The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey. Its body length is only 17 cm and its tail is 25 cm. Its tail is longer than its body.
  • Tamarins spend most of their time in the trees. It hangs between tree branches to find food and a mate.
  • The golden lion tamarin is an omnivorous animal. It likes fruit, plants, insects a,nd lizards.
  • Tamarins live in groups. Usually, one group consists of 2 – 8 tails.
  • Male tamarins help raise and raise their young. He often carries his children on his back when traveling or looking for food.
  • Unfortunately, the number of these golden lion tamarins is estimated at 2500 in South America. Their numbers are decreasing due to deforestation. They lose their homes and food sources. Tamarins are also endangered animals.

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