Olala, one of the crows heard the crow’s words. The herd who heard it became angry. Why should you feel unlucky? God has created His creatures with the

Long ago, a man named Urashima Taro found a turtle on the beach being toyed with by a group of children. He bought the turtle and released it

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in the middle of Mount Ashigara named Kintaro. Kintaro’s friends are animals that live in the forest. Every day Kintaro

Momotaro was born to earth from inside a giant peach which was found floating in a river by a grandmother who was washing clothes there. It is known

In ancient times, there was a large kingdom called the Kahuripan Kingdom. However, to prevent fraternal wars, the Kahuripan Kingdom was divided into two kingdoms, namely the Kediri

Once upon a time there lived a pair of grandparents. Whenever Grandpa worked in the fields, the tanuki came to disturb him by singing. The lyrics of the

There was a wise old man visited by a young man who was facing a problem. Without wasting time the young man immediately told all the problems. The

One sunny afternoon, two girls named Rini and Titi were doing schoolwork at Rini’s house. They work seriously and the atmosphere seems quiet. Then, a woman who is

That afternoon, Bunga and my best friend from childhood were queuing up for a concert ticket. Because the artist who will be performing at the concert happens to

Prejudice is one of the titles of children’s bedtime stories that teach about the importance of having good thoughts towards someone. This fairy tale is classified as an

An ant crawls nimbly in the sun. Climbing trees, and tracing branches with agility. He was looking for food when suddenly he saw a cocoon hanging from a

Once upon a time there was a crow. It was a hot day, and the crows were very thirsty. He kept flying here and there, looking for water.

Once upon a time, there was a lion who was proud and evil. He says he is the king of jungle. Every day, he mercilessly went hunting and

“Benarkah?” Makoto-san bertanya. “Tentu saja! Masa tidak?” “Bisa saja kan” “Hmmph!!” Baca juga: Story: Orang Yang Berharga (Anna & Makoto POV) (Part 3) Hari itu pun berakhir dengan

“I’m dead..” I said while crying “Hey, Anna-san!” “Yes, why?” “If you met the missing person, how would you feel?” “I still don’t know. Seems to be a