English Story: The Day You Disappear Forever – (Part 1)

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Nana, she was a cheerful child with neck-length hair tied 2 down. Her purple hair is decorated with a pink ribbon. Unlike most humans, he has purplish-blue eyes. Tomorrow is the first day of school at the 6th-grade level, therefore, his parents decided to take her for a walk. Hearing that, Nana was very happy.

While on their way, Nana’s parents stopped briefly at the supermarket to buy food and drinks. Nana who felt a little hot decided to get out of the car for a moment to breathe fresh air. In front of the supermarket, there is a two-story house. Subconsciously, Nana stared at the house. From one of the windows, a child could be seen. She was a little taller than Nana, her hair was short, a purplish-blue with a small bow tied to his bangs and his eyes were purple. who looked up at the sky with a sad face, as if waiting for someone to come home. A little thought crossed Nana’s head to try to greet her.

“Hmm.. there’s someone there. How about I just say hi to her?” he asked herself.

However, before the word “Hello” left his lips, the boy realized Nana was staring at her and immediately closed the curtains in the room. The child’s behavior made Nana feel disappointed and confused.

“Well…he already closed the curtains first. Why is she? Does he not like to see me?” Nana thought again.

“Nana, let’s go,” said her mother with her hands full of shopping bags. At that time, Nana had no other choice but to continue her journey. But the figure of the child still can not be separated from her mind. Who’s she? What did he do? And what did his expression mean then? The question kept ringing in his head.

The next day, she went to school. Her first day was spent talking and playing with her friends again after a long absence. In the middle of the game, his attention was distracted by a child sitting quietly in a corner. Her different school uniform shows that she recently transferred. She is slightly taller than Nana. Her short, purplish-blue hair with a small ribbon clip attached to her bangs matched her purple eyes. At that moment, Nana immediately realized that it was the same person that Nana saw yesterday while traveling.

“Hmm… maybe she’s just awkward to interact with since it’s his first time.” Nana thinks like that.

“Teng! Teng!” the school bell rang. Instantly, the previously silent school hallways were now filled with the sound of clapping students who were about to go home. Because it was so crowded, Nana accidentally dropped her things because they were jostling with each other. When Nana was about to tidy up her fallen things, a child came to help her. Yes, that child is the quiet child that Nana saw earlier.

“Ah… Thank you” Nana said when all her things were back in her bag.

“No problem” replied the mysterious girl

The accidental meeting earlier made them walk together on their way home, Nana certainly didn’t waste the opportunity and began to ask questions that arose in her mind.

“Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Nana your classmate. What is your name? And thank you again about earlier,” said Nana.

“Oh, the same. My name is Emi, nice to meet you too” replied Emi in a flat tone.

“Oh. Emi, I hope we can be good friends. By the way, you saw me yesterday right, why did you close the curtains right away?” without further ado, Nana immediately asked about the previous day.

“Ah, about yesterday huh… I’m sorry, I was just a bit surprised and scared…” Emi replied followed by a guilty expression on her face.

“Yeah, well, it’s okay. Oh yeah, if you have free time, you can visit my house. We can play together!” Nana said as she ran forward, then shook her hand, a sign that they had to part here.

“Okay, when will it be?” Emi returned Nana’s farewell and after that, they walked back to their respective homes

When she got home, her mother asked her about Nana’s experiences at school, Nana told her excitedly that she has many friends and can make friends with the quiet child in class, Emi. He entered the room lying on his bed feeling happy and impatient for tomorrow.

The next day in the morning, Nana went to school as usual. When he entered the classroom, he saw Emi sitting in the corner. Nana also greeted Emi.

“Hello Emi, have you come since morning, you are very diligent huh!” Nana said in surprise.

“This is normal, I prefer to be outside than at home…” Emi said in a low tone.

“Hmm, why?” Nana wonders why Emi prefers to stay at home. “If you can lie down at home and watch television, after that you can also be with your parents,” added Nana.

“The situation at my house is very different from what you think…” Emi said languidly. Nana was confused.

“Forget it, are you going to continue standing like that?” Emi said while changing the topic. Nana became sullen.

“Of course I’ll sit down even if you don’t remind me!” Nana said while raising her voice. Hearing that Emi laughed.

After that, the class started. When it comes to lessons, Nana really likes lessons about history and culture, she will be very excited if there are lessons about history and culture. Nana also just found out that Emi is very smart, she can even solve difficult problems. Emi has an interest in programming. Despite that, he is also very good at other subjects.

The recess bell has rung, all students take a break. Nana also invited Emi to go to the cafeteria.

“Hey Emi, let’s go to the cafeteria together!” Invite Nana with enthusiasm.

“Hmm… Alright” Emi said as usual in a flat tone

They went to the cafeteria. After buying food in the canteen. They sat on benches in the courtyard. While eating, Nana also asked Emi.

“Emi, how come you are so smart? Do you take a lot of lessons?” Nana asked curiously.

“No, I never took any lessons, even if I wanted to, my parents would never listen. I’m just learning by myself” Emi said. Nana was even more surprised to hear that.

“Wow, you are really great! I admire you!” Nana said in awe.

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“That’s normal,” Emi said.

Nana could only shake her head. The bell for class rang and they went back to class.

When the bell rang, all the students went home. Nana and Emi were walking together as usual. They talked to each other while enjoying the gentle breeze.

As the days passed, Emi’s quiet and cold demeanor gradually turned into a very familiar person.

Until one day in semester 2. Many 6th graders are preparing themselves for their graduation exams. Usually, Nana would see Emi already in class and sitting in the corner as usual. But on a different day, he didn’t see Emi there at all. Nana was confused and asked in her heart.

“What happened to Emi? After all, she didn’t come? Usually, she is the one who comes in the morning” Nana asked in her heart. Her heart had a bad feeling towards Emi’s condition. After the bell rang, Emi didn’t come either. That added to Nana’s unease because Emi wasn’t usually like this.

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