These birds with black feathers are intelligent birds! Smart Bird Crows (Corvus corax) are a group of songbirds. According to research, crows have a strong memory. He can

Hello everyone! Here are the chords for the song “Shiori” by Mafumafu. This is the theme song of the film ‘Kimi ga Otoshita Aozora’. You can listen to the

Millipedes are segmented animals that have very many legs. The number of their legs varies, depending on the breed. We know 3 types of thousand-legged animals, let’s go!

Do you often use emojis or emoticons when sending messages? Emojis make it easier for us to convey what we mean. Typewriter Emojis Before being used in cell

Bacteria are very small living things. It is ubiquitous and can reproduce very quickly. There are good bacteria, some are bad. Come on, this time we get to