English Story: Legend of the Golden Pit

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There was a king who reigned in the Teluk Dalam area. King Simangolong his name. The King had a daughter who was very beautiful face named Sri Pandan.

Sri Pandan is not only beautiful face. However, she is also skilled at work, she is good at weaving, weaving mats and is used to pounding rice.

Sri Pandan’s beauty is so widespread. It is not only known by the people, but also by young people from other countries. King Simangolong really hoped that his daughter would marry a prince from another country. thus friendly relations with other countries will be well established.

King Simangolong was very happy when finally a proposal came from the kingdom of Aceh. The king of aceh proposed to Sri Pandan to marry the prince of Aceh who had been crowned as crown prince. However, King Simangolong did not necessarily accept the proposal before asking his daughter’s opinion first. Therefore he asked for time from the envoy of the King of Aceh.

After returning home, the envoy of the King of Aceh, King Simangolong, asked his daughter Sri Pandan, “My son, the envoy of the King of Aceh has proposed to you. you want to marry the crown prince of the King of aceh. Really, your father is very happy to accept the proposal because he really hopes that you can be edited by the king’s son and that one day you will get the glory as empress. What do you think about the King of Aceh’s proposal, O my son?

Sri Pandan did not rush to answer, he even lowered his face. The tears fell.

Sri Pandan’s attitude greatly surprised the king of Simalongong. “Why are you crying my son? Are you crying with joy or is there something else?”

Sri Pandan was also not quick to answer his father’s question. Her tears flowed even harder.

“Answer,” said King Simangolong, eager to hear his daughter’s ability to accept the proposal according to his expectations.

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“Forgive me Father,” said Sri Pandan finally. His voice was low and his face remained downcast. “It’s not that I don’t want to serve my father by accepting the proposal but…”

“But what”

With a halting voice Sri Pandan then explained, he had actually been in a relationship with a young man. he has even tied the knot with his sweetheart.

“Who is the young man you mean?” Asked King Simangolong who was very surprised to hear his son’s explanation.

“Hobatan, Father,”

” What?” King Simangolong’s eyeballs enlarged when he received his daughter’s answer.

“You mean… Honor our loyal maid?’

“That’s right Father,”

“You choose to remain loyal to friendship and reject the proposal of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh?”

Sri Pandan nodded his head. The anger of King Simangolong was indescribable at the firmness of his daughter’s attitude, who still chose to be the wife of his loyal servant rather than being edited by the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh. With anger that continued to rise, King Simangolong said, “Accept the proposal of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh! Cut off your relationship with Hobatan! If you don’t also break off your relationship, I will surely expel Hobatan!’

Sri Pandan was powerless against his father’s orders. He then met Hobatan and asked him to leave the royal palace. How disappointed Sri Pandan was when he heard that Hobatan refused his invitation. Not only did he refuse Hobatan, he even suggested that Sri Pandan accept the proposal of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh. Hobatan said, “that’s better for you. Later you will become empress after the crown prince who proposes to you is enthroned as King “.

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Sri Pandan who was very disappointed then said, “Okay, if that’s what you want. I would dive into the depths of having to marry someone I do not love. Know, O my beloved, I will remain faithful with my love for you!”

HATAN remained in his stance, he suggested to his girlfriend that he should abandon his strange plan and it would be better if he accepted the proposal of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh.

Sri Pandan’s disappointment increased. That day he also packed up. He brought some of his clothes. All the jewelery made of gold was also brought along. With steady steps he left the royal palace and headed for the bottom of the Asahan river.

Arriving at the place he meant, Sri Pandan threw all his belongings into the deep abyss. The many gold clothes and jewelry fell and entered the depths. It didn’t take long for Sri Pandan to speak. there will be no more beautiful women in this kingdom!”

Finished saying Sri Pandan then plunged himself into the depths of bringing his love and loyalty.

A great uproar hit the royal palace when King Simalongong and his consort did not find Sri Pandan. King Simalongong then summoned Hobatan.

In the presence of King Simalongong, Hobatan

told the incident he experienced with respect to Sri Pandan. He had suggested that Sri Pandan accept the proposal of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Aceh, but Sri Pandan instead threatened to go deeper than having to marry a man she did not love.

Raja Simangolong deeply regretted his actions.

King Simalongong accompanied by the soldiers immediately headed for the bottom of the Asahan river. The soldiers rushed down to the bottom to find Sri Pandan. However, after repeatedly diving and searching, they did not find Sri Pandan either. considering that Sri Pandan plunged into the bottom of the lake with all his gold jewelry, the bottom was called the golden bottom.

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