English Story: A Child Who Successfully Outwitted Satan

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Once upon a time, a farmer checked the cassava plants in his field. But, his cassava plants had been damaged by forest animals.

Farmers also make trap holes to catch animals that damage their cassava plants. Suddenly, a scary-looking demon came. “I will help you dig the traps and we share the trapped animals,” said the devil. Then, the frightened farmer couldn’t refuse him.

“All the male beasts that fall into the trap, belong to you. Then, the female animal that enters the trap, becomes mine,” said the demon.

Apparently, every day only male animals entered the trap. Everything belongs to the farmers. “Of course it’s always the male animals that fall into the trap because the males are the ones looking for food,” thought the farmer, laughing with satisfaction.

Now, farmers have a large supply of meat. However, he and his family still need cassava as a staple food. “I’m going to the field. Maybe there is still cassava left. You take care of our children, “said the farmer’s wife.

After a long wait, the farmer followed him to the fields with his son. They saw a demon in the fields.

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“Finally a female beast has fallen into the trap,” said the devil, laughing.

The farmer was shocked to see his wife in a trap hole. “He’s a human, not an animal,” he said.

But, the devil doesn’t want to care. “She’s a female beast. She is mine,” said the devil.

Farmers began to fear losing his wife. Suddenly, the farmer’s son said, “Let the devil take his right, Father!”

“Ah, you are a wise child,” said the devil as he entered the trap hole to take the farmer’s wife.

When the devil entered the trap hole, the child said again. “Look, Father! There’s a male beast in the trap,” said the farmer’s son, pointing at the devil.

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Satan is confused. According to the agreement he made, all male animals belonged to the farmer. He didn’t want to be a farmer’s slave. Finally, he agreed to let go of the farmer’s wife from the farmer as well as release her.

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