English Story: The Little Girl Who Became the Head of the Family

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Once upon a time, there was a family consisting of a father, three sons, and three daughters-in-law. The three daughters-in-law often asked to return to their parents’ house. The father was long annoyed by the attitude of his sons-in-law. Finally, he gave his three sons-in-law difficult conditions.

“You may go home, but you must fulfill this condition. The first son-in-law must bring fire wrapped in paper. The second son-in-law must bring the wind in the paper. The third son-in-law must carry music in the wind,” said the father.

“If you can’t bring those gifts, you can’t come back,” he said again.

The three daughters-in-law went to their parents’ house. After a week at each other’s homes, they then held a meeting somewhere to go home together. None of the three of them could get the gifts their in-laws asked for. But, they still dared to go home.

The three daughters-in-law returned to their in-laws’ house and gave their gifts. The mother-in-law was surprised how her three daughters-in-law could be so smart. The three sons-in-law told about the little girl who rode the buffalo.

The mother-in-law immediately looked for the girl’s child and adopted her as a child. He also made this smart little girl the head of the family in his house.

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