English Story: Ungrateful Crow

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Olala, one of the crows heard the crow’s words.

The herd who heard it became angry.

Why should you feel unlucky? God has created His creatures with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Even though the crows are black, they are very friendly and like to help each other out.

That’s the specialty of crows. Indeed, when you are not good at being grateful, what you have will always be considered less and not as good as someone else’s.

“I’d better go with the storks. Maybe they want to tell me a secret so that my butu can be as beautiful as theirs,” said the crow.

Unfortunately, none of the cranes are willing to give away the secret.

Even the crow has an idea.

He picked up the fallen crane feathers, then pressed them to his body.

Now he is white, just like the stork.

After that, the crows returned to their flock. Arrogantly, he showed off his new fur.

“Look! My hair is beautiful now, isn’t it? White and clean. Not like you, black,” said the crow arrogantly.

However, the flock of crows did not care about him.

“That’s enough. I’ll just join the herd of cranes. After all, my beauty is the same as theirs,” thought the crow.

The crows flew and joined the storks.

“Hey, stork. Look! My fur is just as pretty as yours, isn’t it?” said the crow, spreading its wings. He hoped the stork would impress him. But what happened?

Olala, the storks don’t care. They even chase away crows.

“You are not our herd. Go, don’t disturb us!” snapped one of the storks.

The crow became sad. He was not accepted by the storks.

“Ah, I’ll just go back to my herd. I’m sure they still accept me. And I will be the prettiest crow there.” thought the crow as he flew to his flock.

It’s a thousand pity, even the crows don’t care about him anymore. They don’t want to take an ungrateful crow back. The crow is really very sad, that’s the consequence if you don’t want to be grateful.

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