English Story: Fox and Crow

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One day in the forest, the fox saw a crow flying with a piece of meat in its beak. The crow then perched on a tree branch.

The fox, which had not eaten since morning, was eager to get the meat. He walked to the bottom of the tree where the crow had been.

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“Good afternoon, beautiful Lady Crow,” he called. “How dazzling you look today. Your eyes look bright, your beak is clean and your feathers are shiny.”

Feeling flattered, Crow raised his head and prepared to speak. He forgot, there is meat in the beak!

The piece of meat that fell to the ground was immediately picked up by the fox, while the crow continued to sing.

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When he finished singing and the fox was far away, the crow realized what had happened. He regretted, was careless just because praised.

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