English Story: Urashima Taro

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Long ago, a man named Urashima Taro found a turtle on the beach being toyed with by a group of children. He bought the turtle and released it in the sea.

Two or three days later, while urashina was fishing on the boat as usual, a grateful tortoise came and told her that he would take her to the underwater palace known as the dragon palace.

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At the palace, the princess (Otohime) thanks him for saving the turtle. After a few days living there, Urashima remembers his mother, father, and hometown.

For the sake of returning, he finally separated from Otohime. The princess tries to prevent him from leaving, but he finally lets Urashima go with a parting gift, a mysterious box called a tamatebako.

Well, this tamatebako supposedly cannot be opened. When taro returns to his hometown, everything has changed. Her home was gone, her mother and father had died, and people she knew were nowhere to be seen.

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Not remembering the princess’s warning, he lifted the lid of the box. A puff of white smoke appeared, turning him into a white-haired old man.

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