English Story: Momotaro

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Momotaro was born to earth from inside a giant peach which was found floating in a river by a grandmother who was washing clothes there. It is known that the grandmother had no children. When the grandmother and her husband tried to open the peach to eat, to their surprise they found a child inside. The boy explained that he had been sent by heaven to be their son. With happy feelings, grandparents then named him Momotarō. Momo means peach and tarō means eldest son in the family.

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Several years later, Momotarō leaves his parents to fight a marauding band of oni (demons or giants) on a faraway island. Along the way, Momotarō meets and befriends a talking dog, monkey and bird. They agree to help Momotarō in his mission. Arriving on the island, Momotarō and his animal friends penetrate the oni’s fortress and beat them into submission. Later, Momotarō and his new friends return home with the oni’s loot and take their leader prisoner. Since then, Momotarō has lived comfortably and happily with his family.

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