English Story: Kintaro

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Once upon a time, there lived a boy in the middle of Mount Ashigara named Kintaro. Kintaro’s friends are animals that live in the forest. Every day Kintaro always plays sumo with the animals there.

“Ready ! start ! said the umpire of the sumo match.

“Cheer up Kintarou, Mr. Bear also don’t want to lose!” said the animals watching the sumo match.


Even though the bear’s body is very big, he always loses to Kintaro on that day, the same thing happened.

“I give up… it’s already… Kintaro is indeed very strong but next time I won’t lose either” said the bear giving up on Kintaro’s strength.

The next game is tug of war.

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Kintaro must fight all the forest dwellers. On the animal side there are cows, horses and giraffes but even though there are many of them they cannot win against Kintaro.

“The tug of war match was won by Kintaro again,” the match referee shouted.

Kintaro is a very strong man, not only that he is also very kind.

One day,

When he took a walk while riding the master bear he arrived at a valley all the animals there were looking troubled.

“What happened ? Kintaro asked.

“How about this ? if there is no bridge there is no way we can cross the river “said the animals there muttering.

“Yosh! just leave it to me” said Kintaro kind heartedly.

Kintaro started looking for the right tree to be used as a bridge after the tree was found he crashed his body into a tree, as a result the tree collapsed.

“Bruaaak” so the sound of the tree fell easily.

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Then Kintaro brought the tree towards his friends earlier and dropped the big tree into the crevice to form a bridge.

“Yeah! thank you very much” said the animals happily. Then all the animals crossed the river.

After that the strong Kintaro grew into a very great young man. He becomes a samurai vassal in the city. His job is to eradicate the bad guys.

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