Do You Know? Bird-like Yulan Magnolia Flower Buds

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Guess what bird is in this photo? Sparrows? Or other birds? Hi hi hi…all wrong! In this photo are not birds, but magnolia buds.

  • The flower whose buds resemble birds is the yulan magnolia flower. This plant, originally from China, has been cultivated in Buddhist temple gardens since 600 BC.
  • The Yulan magnolia flower (Magnolia denudata) is the first type of magnolia that was introduced from Asia to England in 1780. Yulan magnolia is one of the parents of the 240 types of magnolia that exist today.
  • This flower is considered a symbol of purity. Therefore, this flower was planted around the emperor’s palace during the reign of the Tang Dynasty.
  • In the parks of major cities in China, yulan magnolia flowers are grown as ornamental plants. Its beautiful, lemon-scented flowers will bloom in March. When it blooms, countless people admire its beauty.
  • The shape of a large Yulan magnolia flower is like a lily. For this reason, magnolia yulan is also called magnolia lily. The size is 5 – 7 cm. The colors are white, yellow, pink, and purple.
  • Actually, not all yulan magnolia flower buds are shaped like birds. If we look carefully, we will see several buds that resemble small birds. Some are hiding among the flowers, some seem to be singing, and some are alone at the ends of the branches.
  • The yulan magnolia plant is a hardy plant. Rarely attacked by pests and diseases. The tree will grow up to 9 meters tall and will bloom profusely if planted in full sun.

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