Do You Know? Pelican, The Fish Eater

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This bird can be easily identified by its large mouth. The bottom of the beak has a large pouch.

Water Bird Who Like to Eat Fish

Pelicans can be found in almost all parts of the world with warm climates. This white bird usually lives near water sources. They are also known as a type of water birds.

Pelicans love to eat fish. Its feet are webbed like a duck’s, making it easier for it to move in the water. Usually, pelicans go fishing together. They do live in groups. When swimming for fish, pelicans move together to surround the fish to be caught.

Can Fly

There are 7 types of pelicans in this world. Of the 7 types of pelicans, almost all are white and live around freshwater. Pelecanus conspicillatus, known as the Timorese pelican, is found in Indonesia and Australia.

This pelican’s body is white and black. Its beak is reddish in color. Adult pelican body length can reach 1 meter. Its wingspan is almost 2 times the length of its body. Even though they are often in the water, pelicans can fly well. When compared to other birds, the pelican’s wings beat the slowest.

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Both Parents Take Care of Their Children

Pelicans lay 1 to 2 eggs. This egg is incubated for 30 days. The two pelican parents take turns incubating these eggs until they hatch. Pelican chicks are kept under the supervision of their mother until they are able to find food on their own at the age of 10 to 12 weeks.

When the pelican chicks are small, the mother pelican feeds her chicks by opening her big marsupial mouth. It is in this large pouch that the mother pelican brings fish for her child’s food.

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