Do You Know? Mei Hwa, Beautiful Flower that Appears during Chinese New Year

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This mei hwa tree flower looks beautiful. This moon appears a lot during Chinese New Year. Why?

  • Mei hwa flowers come from mainland China.  Mei hwa is also called plum blossom.  Its Latin name is Prunus mume.
  • In Mandarin, the name Mei Hwa means something.  “Mei” means beautiful and “hwa” means flower.  So, mei hwa means beautiful flower.
  • Even though they are similar, mei hwa is different from cherry blossoms.
  • There are mei hwa flowers that are pink and white. When flowering, usually the flowers will fill the entire tree.
  • Why does this flower always appear during Chinese New Year?  Apparently, this flower is believed to be a symbol of bringing hope, fortune, happiness, luck, as well as strength.  Why so?  Because the mei hwa tree can grow and bloom in all seasons.  Be it summer, fall, spring, or even winter.
  • During Chinese New Year, the mei hwa tree is often decorated and used as an angpao tree.
  • Oh yes, in China, mei hwa fruit is often used as sweets, drinks, pickles, ingredients for cakes, and sweet sauces.  In Japan, this pickled fruit is known as umeboshi.

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