Do You Know? Bigfin Squid, A Rarely Seen Squid

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The body of this squid is different from other types of squid. Its existence was first recognized in 1907.

  • Bigfin squid is a type of squid that has very wide fins.  Because of their wide fins, these squids are grouped under a single genus called Magnapinna.
  • Researchers have found five different types of squid that have large fins.  Unfortunately, several types of bigfin squid are only known from fossils.
  • Bigfin squid has very long arms and tentacles. It is estimated that the length of its arms and tentacles reaches 4 – 8 meters.
  • Unlike the other squid, the bigfin squid’s tentacles look straight, and stiff, and have an elbow fracture that looks like a shoulder.
  • Bigfin squid’s home is in the ocean.
  • It is estimated that the food of the bigfin squid is an organism that lives on the deep seafloor. They also eat by moving their tentacles so that they reach the seabed.
  • Because of their habitat, bigfin squid is rarely seen by people. In fact, researchers have never seen an adult form of this animal.
  • However, the first bigfin squid was seen in September 1988. It was sighted by the crew of the submarine Nautile off the northern coast of Brazil, at a depth of 4,735 meters.
  • After first being seen, the bigfin squid was only seen again in 2000, 2001, and 2007.

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