English Story: The Origin of Mount Wurung Hill

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Once upon a time, in an area (which is now included in the Karanggulung District), there was a small village whose territory consisted of flat land. Not a single mound or hill could be seen around it.

One silent night, village elders were seen praying to the gods in heaven. With great solemnity, they asked to be made a mountain near where they live. Apparently, their prayers were granted by the gods. The making of the mountain will start the next day and will be done overnight. But with one condition, no one from the community can see when the mountain was made.

The village elders agreed to this condition. The next morning, they gathered the residents to convey the happy news and conditions.

“O my people! We urge all of you that at dusk, enter your respective homes and no one is allowed to leave the house until the sun rises tomorrow morning!” said a village elder.

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“Sorry Mister! What disaster will hit our village? Why are we not allowed to leave the house?” asked a resident confusedly.

“Know, all that the gods will make a mountain for us and no one can see when they are working,” explained another village elder.

After hearing that explanation, the residents then understood why they were prohibited from leaving their homes. As the day approaches dusk, the atmosphere of the village begins to quiet. All residents have entered the house and locked the door tightly. Not long after, the gods came down from heaven to start working on building a mountain in the upstream area of the village. At first they built strong pillars.

After half a night’s work, the gods had finished building the pillars. The pillars are then covered with earth to form a mountain. The gods worked according to their respective duties without speaking a word. They continued to work late into the night tirelessly.

When it was morning, the construction of the mountain was almost complete, only a little more was left to finish hoarding it. While the gods were still busy working, suddenly from the direction of the village a girl walked towards the luk ulo (river) which is around the place where the mountain was made. Apparently, the girl was not aware of the announcement regarding the curfew that night. This is because when the announcement was made by one of the village elders, he was not present and no one in the community informed him about it.

The girl came to the river because she wanted to wash the rice to be cooked. He walked without paying attention to his surroundings because it was still dark. When going down to the river, the girl was surprised because suddenly there was a hill in front of her.

“Huh, why is there a hill all of a sudden in this place? In fact, the previous days this place was still flat? Oh God, was this dream of mine?” muttered the girl as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

However, as soon as she saw several figures of scary creatures moving quickly while lifting a large rock without a word, the girl immediately ran away from the river in fear.

“Help… Help… Help me!” he shouted loudly.

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The girl kept running regardless of her condition so that the rice she was about to wash was thrown away. Needless to say, the rice was scattered around the hill. That said, the rice was transformed into rocks that are similar in shape to rice.

The gods who heard the girl’s screams gasped. They also realized that in fact their work had been witnessed by humans.

“The villagers have violated our agreement. Let’s leave this place!” cried one of the gods to another.

Finally, the gods stopped their work. They left the place and rushed back to Heaven. In fact, the construction of the mountain was not finished. Finally, cancel the mountain building.

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