English Story: The Legend of Lake Batur

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Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who had been married for a long time but had not been blessed with children. Every day, they pray to be blessed with children. Finally, their prayers were answered. The wife conceived and then gave birth to a baby boy. But unfortunately, after giving birth, the mother died, not long after the father followed.

The baby is growing very fast, eats a lot too. His appetite is equivalent to that of ten adults. He was named Kebo Iwa. Because both of his parents were gone, the residents took turns feeding Kebo Iwa.

As an adult, Kebo Iwa became grumpy. Villagers are afraid of him. Even so, he is also willing to help villagers who need his strength. But over time, the villagers were overwhelmed to provide food for Kebo Iwa.

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Because of that, residents gathered to discuss Kebo Iwa. As a result, the villagers plan to build a water supply pond to deal with the drought in the village. If the plan is successful, the residents will no longer have trouble finding water to irrigate their fields. Then, one of the residents met Kebo Iwa. The person then explained the results of the residents’ discussion.

“As long as it is known that the water in the soil of our territory is abundant. Therefore, we ask for your help to make a very large well! If the harvest can be like before, of course we won’t have any trouble giving you food. No matter how much food you need, we will definitely be able to fulfill it.”

At the end of the day, Kebo Iwa started his work. Kebo Iwa dug the ground at the place determined by the village head. The location of the land is filled with limestone, so it is very difficult to dig. But for Kebo Iwa, it was not a problem. He dug up the limestone stones and then threw the edge of the hole. Without realizing it, many holes had been made, as well as the limestone thrown by Kebo Iwa. Day after day he worked hard. Until finally, the water began gushing out.

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At that time, the residents cheered happily. Kebo Iwa also rested inside while eating food that was brought by residents. Because of satiety, he fell asleep in the pool. Imperceptibly, the water gushing more and more, making the ground around the pond slippery. A moment later, the rocks at the edge of the pond crumbled down. Kebo Iwa could not do anything.

The water kept coming out until it flooded the village where Kebo Iwa lived. Until finally created a lake. The lake is called Lake Batur, while the pile of land around the lake turns into a mountain and is called Mount Batur.

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